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EC Students Shine in NGL Photoshoot 

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In an exciting collaboration with National Geographic Learning (NGL), students from EC English centres recently had the unique opportunity to participate in a photoshoot and filming session for upcoming NGL language OUTCOMES textbooks. This event showcased the talents and diversity of our students but also exemplified EC English’s commitment to immersive and dynamic learning experiences and the strength of the partnership between the two entities. 

The photoshoots and filming took place in Dublin, Brighton and Boston where students had the chance to be part of professional media production. Under the guidance of skilled photographers and directors, EC students became the faces of NGL’s new range of educational materials. They engaged in various activities, from candid classroom scenarios to group discussions, capturing the essence of a vibrant, international learning environment. 

Many students expressed their enthusiasm for being part of this project. “Participating in the NGL photoshoot was an empowering experience for students especially as they are part of something that will inspire future learners,” said Gillian Davidson, Group Academic Director. 

This collaboration with NGL aligns perfectly with EC English’s help students succeed in a global community. It provided a real-world context for language learning, allowing students to practice their skills in a unique setting. Moreover, it strengthened our community, bringing students from diverse backgrounds together in a shared, purposeful activity. 

The images and footage from this event adorn the pages of NGL’s OUTCOMES textbooks, reaching learners worldwide. This project underscores EC English’s role in shaping global education and the limitless potential of our students. We are proud to be part of their journey and look forward to more such collaborative opportunities. 

“EC has partnered with NGL since 2017 both because of their consistently exceptional materials and because our academic goals and beliefs are so aligned. We were incredibly proud that vox-pop style videos of EC students were included in the latest edition of the Outcomes series. It is wonderful to know that learners from all over the world will get to see and hear our students communicating successfully through English as part of their lessons,” added Gillian. 

As we continue to innovate and move forward, events like the NGL photoshoot and filming remind us of the power of real-world experiences in education. We are grateful to National Geographic Learning for this partnership and to our students for their enthusiastic participation. Together, we are not just learning a language; we are preparing for a global stage. 

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