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The best places to learn English for crafts 

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We want you to make the most of your time at an EC English Language Centre and learning English is just one part of it. As well as meeting new people from all over the world, which exposes you to new cultures too, you will also learn about their interests and perhaps discover new hobbies of your own. 

Some destinations are ready made for sports and other activities and these reasons could well be why you chose the destination in the first place; maybe you chose Malta for its diving. San Diego for its surfing, Cape Town for its eclectic vibe, Canada for its Winter sports and Ireland for its lush landscapes ……? 

If you enjoy arts and crafts though, you can find specialist skills, workshops and fairs in the locations of our schools too. Perhaps you can dedicate a few hours to creating a gift or something to remind you of your stay?  


In Malta there is a rich history of craftsmanship, with artisans specialising in lacemaking (known as ‘bizzilla’), glassblowing, pottery, and silverware and an art called filigree, which is delicate threads of silver wound in spirals to create shapes. 

Cape Town:  

Cape Town as you would expect has diverse artisan crafts, influenced by both African traditions and contemporary design; beadwork, textile design, ceramics, woodwork, and jewellery making are all skills you can learn which reflect the city’s vibrant cultural heritage and innovative art scene. 

New York:  

In New York, the possibilities are vast, ranging from anything you can image fashion related, weaving, graffiti / street art, and lollipop as well as antibacterial vegan soap making!  


Known for its industrial heritage, Manchester has a growing scene of artisan workshops focusing on textiles, pottery, and printmaking, as well as modern crafts like digital fabrication and sustainable fashion. The city’s history as a textile powerhouse continues to influence its contemporary craft workshops. 


Textile arts, leatherworking, bookbinding, and ceramics are still practiced in Dublin. There’s also a strong emphasis on traditional Irish crafts, such as wool weaving, lace making, and woodworking, reflecting Ireland’s rich cultural heritage. 

Artisan workshops not only provide avenues for creative expression and cultural preservation but also contribute to the local and global economy by offering unique, handcrafted products to consumers seeking authenticity and quality. Add a workshop to your list for a great way to converse and practise your English; learn the vocabulary associated with this new hobby and be able to participate in further workshops, social media groups and forums. 

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