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A guide to EC English schools in England 

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One might say that learning English in England is an obvious choice; you are immersed in the culture, the banter, the colloquialisms and of course the British way of life. However, that means many things to many people, and we have EC English centres schools strategically placed in various locations to give you the various flavours of the country and its cosmopolitan vibe. 

Learn English in London 

EC London is one of our busiest schools; what can we tell you about the capital that you do not know? LOTS! There is something new launching in London every day! Even the lifestyle bloggers cannot keep up! Secret dining clubs, eating experiences like the Gingerline Grand Expedition, immersive secret cinema, themed cabaret, one off workshops, the everchanging exhibitions at Kew like the Sounds of Blossom festival that welcomes the spring in collaboration with the Royal College of music and tours of disused tube stations; you really will have to keep a journal to record the memories you will make. 

Learn English in Brighton 

There are plenty of reasons to learn English at EC Brighton! Regency architecture is reason enough to visit this lively city by the sea; the marina worth a visit to swoon at boats and take the Volk’s Electric Railway back to the Pier to indulge in fish and chips on the beach where Mods and Rockers fought in the iconic cult movie Quadrophenia. And if music and pop culture is your thing, take the self-guided music tour to immerse yourself in the audible treasures from the city’s past.  

With morning only classes at Brighton and London – you can make the most of your time in the knowledge that your afternoons and early evenings are free to live like a local. 

Learn English in Cambridge 

EC Cambridge comes next, a university city with an epic history and completely different feel to Manchester. Although today it boats Silicon Fen, a startup village which sprouted off the various educational institutions and today is fames for its inventors…. It does not district from the picture postcard example of England that you can imagine has not changed since Marlowe, Byron, Coleroidge and Tennyson. Punting is still practiced – and you need to take this with afternoon tea on the banks, for the quintessential British experience.  Again, walking and cycling around the city are great ways to get around; you will feel like a local in no time at all! 

Learn English in Manchester 

Let us start at the top of the country, EC Manchester. It is quite a famous place for football and music – that we do not need to teach you, but did you know it is just a few miles away from The Peak District, a national park which is a wonderful place to escape to for some nature? There is, of course, plenty of opportunity to tree hg in the city and with the canal network, you can travel on the water, on the adjacent paths and by various other means to get into and around the city. Check out Manchester’s industrial heritage and indeed, its network of museums like The People’s History Museum based in a restored Edwardian Pump House which highlights workers’ rights and early grass roots politics. 

Learn English in Bristol 

How about learning English at EC Bristol? Did you know there is a massive hot air balloon festival in Bristol every year, and while talking of flight, a wing fest – which is all about chicken wings cooked in many ways with a myriad of sauces – challenge yourself to see how many you can try! Pub quizzes for students at the local university are a hoot – join in and have fun with students from all over the UK and beyond! L shed shows off items of social history from the city’s maritime past and the area is rich in exhibits that make fabulous artistic Instagram shots! 

Want to know more about learning English in England with EC? Get in touch, we will be happy to give you more information!  

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