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Why do you want to learn English? 

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There are many reasons to study general English courses  at any age or stage of life; and EC has schools in various locations that give you the opportunity to fulfilling life goals, immersing yourself in different scenarios and living in a different way at the same time. Here, we outline 10 reasons students come to us to fulfil their language goals: 

  1. Study 

Going to university – even in your home country, may need you to be able to speak English; this can be because of the cohort, to be able to fulfil research needs, maximise information found in journals and to get the most out of lectures. 

  1. Work 

There are so many aspects in a work scenario that need English, even small, local businesses may have customers overseas, logistics partners that need communicating with, business partners from another country and so on. International companies often operate in English with team members being from all around the world – and even of a department has just one of two foreigners, usually, conversations are in English so as not to leave anyone out. 

Progressing in your career too will be enhanced if you speak English; following webinars, reading industry papers, networking, LinkedIn groups, are generally in English. 

  1. Friendships 

Making friends gets harder as we get older, and we find friends in the most unusual of places! Remaining curious is key and this may mean that school friends, ex colleagues, school gate mates and others fall out of your social circle, and you start to meet people through leisure activities, your partner and on vacation! 

  1. Romance 

Communication is key in any relationship; learning each other’s language takes time so if you can both muster up some English, you will be able to get by at least till you master the others. Some things may take time to communicate – but there is also the ‘actions speak louder than words’ for important discussions! 

  1. Travel 

You are unlikely to go anywhere where English is not spoken – event transport like airports, trains and buses and taxis often have the English translation for your information.  

Most people that work in tourism also learn the language to be able to service guests from all over the world – so being able to say a few phrases can help.  

  1. New family members 

Because of international companies and the ease of travel, our families are spreading around the world and so English is becoming the common language between them and often their children, so it helps if you learn some too so you can stay in touch and not miss any updates! 

  1. Crafts / hobbies 

The explosion of crafts and hobbies during the pandemic has not quietened down. With more time on our hands, curiosity in our hearts and space in our heads, many are looking to learn new skills and make beautiful things as gifts or for themselves. There are thousands of video tutorials, social media pages sharing hacks and tips and craft retreats to enjoy that being able to speak English really will make your hobby more enjoyable! 

  1. Sport 

This is one that unites and divides us – and being able to comment on forums and discuss the results in the pub after the event with total strangers – is part of the ritual. Fans come from all over the world to watch major games – so embrace the opportunity to be able to celebrate or commiserate with them! 

  1. Medical 

A reason we hope you don’t have to encounter – but all Doctors around the world speak English and so being able to explain an ailment or understand treatment options will probably happen in English if you are not in your home country. Official translators may be on hand depending where you are from, so on the safe side, if you have a condition, perhaps learning some associated words and phrases could help you. 

  1. Entertainment 

Reciting a song from whatever genre somehow is a skill we all have! And listening to music, watching films and skimming books and magazines are all fabulous ways to kick back and enjoy ourselves – and subliminally be learning a language. One day – a word or a phrase comes up in conversation and you will be able to put it in context because you have seen it on the big screen or sung along to it in your kitchen! It makes entertainment education – so keep having fun and learn on the go! 

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