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English for university

Many universities outside the English-speaking world offer programs taught in English, primarily to attract international students and facilitate global academic exchange. Here’s a look at some countries with notable universities teaching in English and so if you need to take an intensive general English course, before heading to Uni, check out our course pages. 

  • Germany:  

Many German universities offer English-taught programs, especially at the graduate level. Fields such as engineering, business, and natural sciences often have numerous English-taught options. 

  • Netherlands:  

The Netherlands has a wide range of English-taught programs at both bachelor’s and master’s levels, across various fields including engineering, social sciences, and business. 

  • Sweden:  

Swedish universities are known for their extensive selection of English-taught programs, especially for master’s degrees. Subjects range from the humanities to technical disciplines. 

  • Finland: 

Finland offers a significant number of English-taught degree programs, particularly for master’s and doctoral studies. Fields such as technology, business, and education are well-represented. 

  • Norway:  

In Norway, there are numerous English-taught master’s programs available, with some options at the bachelor’s level as well. Natural sciences, social sciences, and technology are common fields of study. 

  • Denmark:  

Danish universities offer a variety of English-taught programs, especially at the master’s level. Business, science, and technology are among the popular fields. 

  • France:  

France has been increasing its offerings of English-taught programs, especially in business, engineering, and science, to attract more international students. 

  • Italy:  

Italian universities offer a growing number of programs in English, particularly in fields such as engineering, economics, and natural sciences. 

  • Spain: 

Spain offers English-taught programs in various disciplines, including business, tourism, and engineering, across its universities.  

  • Japan: 

Japan has initiatives like the Global 30, aiming to increase the number of international students by offering programs taught in English in areas such as engineering, life sciences, and social sciences.  

  • South Korea:   

South Korean universities offer several programs in English, particularly in business, engineering, and international studies, to attract international students.  

  • Malaysia:  

Malaysia is becoming an educational hub in Asia, with numerous English-taught programs at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, especially in business, engineering, and science. 


These countries are actively working to internationalise their higher education sectors by offering programs in English. This strategy not only provides more opportunities for international students but also prepares their students for global careers.

Suppose you’re interested in studying in a specific country or field. In that case, it’s advisable to check the universities’ official websites for the most accurate and up-to-date information on available programs, entry requirements, and application procedures. 

EC also has partnerships with some colleges and universities and offers a ‘pathway’ program for Canada, USA, and European higher education establishments. We help you identify and choose a course and college and guide you through the application process, with some partners offering a familiarisation trip, too. 

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