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Sun and fun on your Malta English Language Course 

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Malta is an archipelago in the centre of the Mediterranean, which was once a former British Crown Colony. To this day, English is an official language, which is why many people choose to take English language courses in Malta. With high employment and an affluent society, the islands attract people from all over the world to live and work. Signage, media, shop and restaurant interactions are carried out in English, so a full immersion experience is possible in a safe and sunny environment! 

 EC Language Centres was established in Malta in 1991, with EC Malta being the first school. Today it has 25 schools around the world. The award-winning chain is well-regarded, and it has a variety of English language courses that are tailored for higher education, immigration, work and leisure, in person and online.  

Based in St Julian’s, the entertainment centre of the islands, EC Malta, is a 200m walk to the beach, close to the Eden cinema and games complex and shopping centres. EC Malta has an activity schedule that invites you to explore the Baroque cities of Valletta and Mdina to enjoy the vibrant nightlife, sports, affordable theatre and year-round festivals. 

With students from around the world, you are sure to meet like-minded people to have fun with and practice with! Make your experience memorable by participating in class, joining in the after-school activities and taking every opportunity to practice. Remember, everyone there is in the same situation- they are all looking to improve their prospects.   

EC language Centres’ courses are a minimum of 1 week and include 20 lessons of General English, designed to develop your Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking skills. You are placed into the right level after a pre-arrival test to be challenged, but with our teaching methodology, you are guaranteed to progress through the levels recognised internationally. Courses start every Monday and every Friday; progress is reviewed and any areas of concern are addressed. We guarantee that if you come to class and actively participate, you will progress through a level every eight weeks.  

Malta is pleasant at any time of year; and the Spring and Autumn months offer milder temperatures to enjoy the islands to the full; the Summer is when it is at its busiest with tourists flocking to its shores.  

The airport is served by major airlines with convenient connecting flights to major destinations; it is also a hub for Ryanair, so weekend visits to and from European cities are easy!  

Choosing an English language course in Malta with EC means having constant exposure to English, giving you a full immersion experience and the opportunity to practice your language skills in everyday scenarios, helping you to grasp grammar rules learned in class, and to gain confidence by living the language. 

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