Brush Up on your Phrasal Verbs – Part 3

Another day, another set of phrasal verbs for us to learn. Our focus shifts to “Hold up“, “Act Up“ and “Look up” – three popular phrasal verbs used in English. They can be used in different contexts and situations, but do you know them all? Here are some examples that will help you to understand them […]

Brush Up on your Phrasal Verbs – Part 2

Ready to continue learning new phrasal verbs? Today we’re going to focus our attention on the English phrasal verbs “Put Out”, “Fall Out” and “Strike Out”. They might have a preposition in common, but their meanings are completely different! [hs_action id=”2151″]   1. Put Out In this situation, the man and woman have misunderstood* each other because […]

Brush Up on your Phrasal Verbs – Part 1

Learning a new language is an enormous challenge for many students, especially when it comes to find ways to sound more natural and fluent. That being said, there are many ways to refine your English skills to a higher level, and one of these ways is to understand phrasal verbs. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you to ‘brush up’* on your […]