Choosing a Language School – Where to stay when learning English abroad?

Most schools offer a variety of accommodation options. Choosing a place to stay depends on your lifestyle and budget, but you should think about it carefully as it is an important part of your learning process, and an opportunity to meet new people and have unique experiences. That’s why it is very important to ask […]

Choosing a Language School – Can your School Guarantee Success?

The main reason you go to a language school is to improve your English and become a confident speaker, maybe even pass an exam and gain an internationally recognised qualification. Before you choose a course, you should find out how a school plans to get you where you want to be! Great teaching, monitoring and support can make […]

Choosing a language school – What does the price include?

So you’ve decided the best way to improve your English while having an amazing experience is to study abroad. So what happens next? Once you have chosen the country and city you want study in, the next step is to choose a school. Because this kind of trip is something you may only do once […]

Ways to Learn English

A Student’s Guide to Learning English: Part Two In Part One of our Student’s Guide, we gave you four great reasons to learn English. So what’s next??? Just typing ‘Learn English’ on Google unleashes a flood of search results; ‘learn English grammar’, ‘learn English fast’, ‘learn real English’ and thousands of other combinations. There are countless […]

What kind of traveller are you?

[hs_action id=”930″] You’d love to learn English, and the world is full of places for you to discover. Don’t sit back and let time pass you by… Or worse, say you’re too old or busy for this. We know you want to! The first question you should ask yourself is: what kind of traveller are […]

How to prepare for an English Language Course

  1. Set your goals Sit down and ask yourself ‘what are my language goals?’ Do you want to improve your speaking skills? How strong are your listening skills? Is writing your greatest strength or challenge? Decide on a few targets before you start your English language course and this will help you stay focused. You will […]