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There are many horizons after 40 by Fernanda Lemos

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One of our students from 2013 has written a very detailed blog about her experience in London and our 30+ English Language Centre – have a read and enjoy!

I arrived in London less than a week ago but I can already feel how warm the people from school are. Some of them are more extrovert (like my teacher in the picture for example) others more reserved…but everybody is very polite and friendly.

EC London 30+ Adult English Courses


This cosiness is very important to us students from all over the world, in a huge city like London… and in some cases (like mine) for the first time we came a bit afraid, without knowing anyone and imagining how it will be to spend such a long time away from our home, family and friends. This cosiness makes all the difference! Fortunately I was positively surprised.

Today I recorded a message from our teacher inviting my Brazilian friends to join us on this very rich and entertaining experience. But my “incompetence” didn’t allow the video be here because I just don´t know how to transfer it from my camera to my Blog hahaha.  I am enjoying so much sharing all this things with you and happy to know that share the same feeling with me..

I commented in an former post that learning English is something I had not solved in my life. 5 years ago I decided to do something different about it. Making this decision the idea of the exchange turns up. So I decided to look for a travel agency, that has a specific sector of exchanges, that could guide me and show me some options.

I remember that I was so impressed by the amount of Language Schools from all over the world. I was more impressed when learnt that EXCHANGE was not only for teenagers and young people. People who were already professionals and older people were looking for this kind of experience. People like me. And this was very comforting.

Well, the demand is increasing so much that one School, that has schools scattered over several countries, opened a special school to receive English Language students over 30 years old. And where is this school? In London! How nice it is in London!

EC London 30+ Adult English Courses

I´ve never been to Europe before. And I didn´t know that London is one of the most expensive cities in the world. I confess that I was a little doubtful when I did the accounts to do the exchange there and in the USA for example. But later I decided to keep my decision. People talk so well about London. They return to their homes delighted. I know that I will not be able to fall into the shopping temptation : ), because the pounds will be counted hehehe. I´ll prioritize the tours. I will explore what the city can give me as much as possible. I want to feel the magic from “The land of the Queen”. Of course, without losing my main goal that is to improve my English and come back home more confident with the language.

I hope I have answered some people who asked me about my choice. I think that I made the right choice. Here are some pictures of the school.

EC London 30+ Adult English Courses EC London 30+ Adult English Courses

This school is not as big as the other one near my student residence. It´s smaller that is why it has fewer students. This is perfect for me because the classes are more productive. The professionals are very organized and friendly.

EC London 30+ Adult English Courses

Today, in the afternoon, I received an email from them with the classes program for next week, schedules, information about social meetings, name and room class from each student. Every week we can evaluate the classes, teachers, organization, cleaning, the services we use, the host families (For those who are living with families), the student residence…This feedback is very important. And it works! They want everything to be as good as possible.

I don´t remember if I told you before but this school for 30+ was opened in January 2013. So, our opinion is fundamental so that they can evaluate if everything as planned and if it is satisfying.

I think that this School has all to be successful. Moreover…it is already a success!


Fernanda Lemos, Brazilian – EC Covent Garden 2013

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