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They cater to students' academic needs and encourage social exchange.

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I’ve spent 9 weeks with EC 30+ Covent Garden and can just say like all the others: I had a fantastic time. The teachers were able to get to know each student in order teach them to their individual needs within the small classes. The small classes were just perfect so everybody needs to participate and contribute to the lesson given.

You meet lot of people from all over the world at EC 30+. During lessons students get encouraged to exchange and actively communicate with each other – this way you surprisingly learn a lot about the other culture and also a lot about the personal background and experiences of “your partner”. Besides the lessons you have a lot of free time too, so fostering friendships will not come short. The fact that all students were clearly over 30 years old was very comfortable and interesting as all of us has a professional background and uses English in their working environment, which especially was a benefit in the Business Class.

All in all I have to say that the entire staff of EC30+ is putting immense effort in pleasing the students and encourage them to make usage of numerous available EC courses to spend their time in London in the most efficient way to learn the language, they cater to the students academic needs any time (Suzie and David), they encourage social exchange and help to get along in a foreign city such a London (Ludo and Clement), they find suitable homestays and student residences for living – very helpful and quick in corrective action if necessary (Sue and Ludo) and all the teachers who are not only teaching us according to some methodology but also to British culture and the usage of language how natives would use it -which is not always found in a book. The cafeteria staff is always having a smile and after a while they even know the drinking habits of most of the students – they are incredibly efficient when it comes to one of the 15 minutes breaks and almost “100 ” students need a coffee, cappuccino, espresso or a hot sandwich at once.

I had serious moments (hello private lessons ;-)) – and also a blast and never-ending laughter during my classes – well done all of you : )

Thanks to all of you, will definitely recommend you, take care and see you soon….as the next apprentice of Sir Alan Sugar : )

Ines Schulz (Swiss) – Intensive English, Business Course. 


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