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Don't you hate it when plans fall through?

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Have you ever been let down by a friend? Have you ever been really excited about something that then got cancelled? Well , today at 30+ one of our pre-intermediate classes learnt how to talk about it. This week, one of our teachers Georgia has been discussing ‘Going out’ with her class. They studied some vocabulary and adjectives to describe events that were good and bad, how to make and refuse invitations and finally how to talk about plans that changed.

What type of events do you think these sentences are describing?:


1.”The food, the service, everything, it was fantastic!”

2.”The set design, the lighting, everything! It was one of the best I’ve seen in a long time”

3.”The band, the beer, everything! It was spectacular!”


Today the class discovered how to transfer direct speech to reported speech – here are some examples, can you find the pattern?

“I’ll pick you up at 8” —- He said he’d pick me up at 8

“I’m not going to go out tonight” ———— She said she wasn’t going to go out

“We aren’t going to get in, look at the queue!” —– We decided we weren’t going to get in




Then the class wrote some short stories about plans that didn’t work out including grammar and vocabulary we had studied in class! Look at some examples below:




If you would like to do some quick and easy grammar lessons like this then check out our learn English website!

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