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Word of the week: Fancy!

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One of the reasons I love English is because it’s such a lovely versatile language. Don’t you agree? Just take the word “fancy”.

It has so many different uses, depending on the situation. Check out some of them below and then try them out:


 That’s a fancy suit you’re wearing!

Meaning: That suit looks nice, stylish and expensive.

I really fancied my teacher at school.

Meaning: I found my teacher extremely attractive.

Do you fancy a beer?

Do you fancy grabbing a quick beer after work?

Meaning: Would you like to come and get a beer with me?

Pronunciation: /ʤəfænsiːjəbɪər/ (look carefully at how “do you” is pronounced in spoken English)

Form: Do you fancy + noun / gerund?

I fancy a curry.

Meaning: I would like to get a curry.

At Halloween we wear fancy dress.

Meaning: We dress up in costumes.

That doesn’t really tickle my fancy.

Meaning: That doesn’t sound like something I want.


These guys definitely fancied a beer!

Now, go out there and try out a few of these expressions while you’re out celebrating New Year’s Eve.

Remember, if you use an expression once, you’re more likely to remember it in the future. If you don’t get out there and try them out, they are just more words and expressions sitting in your vocabulary notebook that never get used. Move them from your passive knowledge into active use by putting them into a conversation. Don’t be afraid to try out new phrases! It’s the best way to memorise them. And remember, it’s OK to make mistakes, that’s how we learn.

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