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Vanessa tells us a little bit about her English lessons!

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A student tells us of their English experience at EC Covent Garden 30+, London

Just last week we had to say goodbye to one of our students, Vanessa. It was wonderful to have Vanessa at the school; she really threw herself into her English lessons and according to her teachers, she was a pleasure to teach. She has very kindly given us a brief description of her English experience at EC Covent Garden 30+ and her lessons:


I chosed this destination because I was interested to learn English for the holidays with my family and my travel agency “Sprachen ch” recommendet it.

I learned at the same time interesting topics , I learned to have confidence to talk. I improved my pronunciation, and my favourite Ec activity was to speak with my group in the scholl.I like this sistem to learn because is profesional and easy. I would recommend my friends this scholl. The staff in Ec have a nice relatiochip and are very helpful.I’ll remember the moments where we laugh together.


Thank you for everything Vanessa, good luck with all of your future holidays and your English practice. We hope to see you again in the future.


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