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Pulling my socks up as an intern at EC London 30+

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Being interested in learning English and more about British work culture, discovering the life in a huge English city and improving my language skills, I went off to discover lovely London for two months.


Why voluntarily moving away from thirty-degree constant weather to a changing clouded wet English place?

It’s because one of the advantages of becoming an English teacher for secondary school students in Switzerland: It provides me with seven weeks in an English country. In order to do so, I decided coming to London and doing an internship at EC London 30+. And it was absolutely worthwhile! 

But learning English wasn’t everything, the internship had not only helped me to improve my English, I also had the opportunity to benefit my teacher skills.

What were my responsibilities?

The first week I was mainly at the reception: Besides chatting with the student’s, answering their questions, I helped them feel comfortable in the school and booked their trips. Furthermore, I accomplished some academic tasks such as doing the teachers’ schedules, the students’ timetables or preparing the certificates. Several times I had the honour to give some free lessons, for example the conversational class or breakfast club. And not to forget – Besides trying understand David’s Irish accent, I benefited from being introduced to British music groups due to of Suzie’s amazing DJ skills.

The icing on the cake?

I very much liked my time at EC 30+ because the working atmosphere was fantastic. The internship gave me an insight how a language school works and is organised. What is more, throughout the conversations with teachers and class observations I was able to collect useful ideas for my future lessons. It was also interesting to see the differences between a regular school teacher and a teacher whose students change every week. Moreover, the contact with the students gave me access to discover different English accents of people from other countries and learn more about their different learning attitude and culture in general. I highly enjoyed doing the breakfast club and giving the conversational class in the morning where I could discuss with the students about different topics. To give a lecture about how to build an electric guitar was a fulfilling experience as well. The students were happy to learn new vocabulary and we had a nice conversation about music and guitars.

A huge THANK YOU to David, Suzie and the rest of the 30+ for making my internship such a pleasure!

P.S: In the end, I only got drenched from the rain once and the rest of the time were lovely, sunny warm days.


Check out our website if you’re interested in learning English or becoming an intern at EC LONDON 30+

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