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EC London 30+ Testimonial-Ricardo Ecclefield

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I am writing to tell you something about my life during these days in London.


This travel has been my first travel that I´ve done alone. I´d never been alone in my life before.


I am here, because my boss” suggested improving” my English as soon as possible. Fortunately, my wife and my children supported me.


I am going to be in the school for 6 weeks, and this is my 5th week in London.

At the begging, I was very anxious, in a different country, with different language, without your family, for me it wasn´t easy.

Fortunately, everything has gone well, I liked the school, the courses and definitely the teachers. I´ve had the opportunity to get to know new people and cultures.

I´ve had the opportunity to walk a lot in London and I think is an amazing city. There are many things to do.

I´ve visited many cities/towns in England, like Windsor, Brighton, Oxford, Milton Keynes, etc., all of them are pretty nice.


At the end of the week, my family is going to arrive here.  I´m going to continue studying while they are “making tourism”.

After next week, we are going to take holidays for 2 weeks when I finish my course.

We are going to Brugge, Paris, Zurich and Berlin. My children are very nervous, because they´ve never been in Europe.


As you can see, I am very happy with this experience, It has been a great opportunity.



Ricardo Ecclefield


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