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Well, it’s that special time of year again. No, it’s not my birthday. No, it’s not Christmas day…IT’S WORLD TEACHERS’ DAY!!!!!!!

As you may know, here at EC LONDON 30+, we are very proud of our teachers. They go out of their way to think up new and wonderful ways of presenting the English language to our fantastic students. So it’s with great pleasure that we celebrate them and tell them just how wonderful they are. Today at EC LONDON, we treated our teachers to a sumptuous lunch of sandwiches, cakes, chocolates, finger food and fruit. We all sat around the teachers’ room, laughed and ate and said thank you to everyone for being the best teachers we could possibly imagine.

Our students also got in on the action, thanking their favourite teachers and buying them chocolates. One of our teachers, Benjamin, even got some brand new socks from a funky sock shop in Covent Garden! So thank you to all of our wonderful students for your kindness.

So, check out all of our wonderful pics below and don’t forget to tell your teacher how fantastic they are!


The delicious English langauge


students celebrating the English language and world teachers day

The English language is first and foremost at EC LONDON 30+














If you’d like to experience our wonderful teachers, come and visit us at EC LONDON 30+

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