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It was one of the best experiences

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Bernadette studying English at EC London 30+!

As promised before I left London, here I am to summarize the experience I have just finished at the EC London 30+ English School for all concerned.

It was one of the best experiences that I have lived!

The courses are structured in a way that you learn while having fun and the results are tangible. The teachers and managers (Suzie Abrahamson, David Byrne, Richard Quarterman) are highly qualified and always available to help students. In my case in just four weeks, with daily commitment, I made excellent progress.

Are also essential the moments of socialization. The school allowed me to find many peers (adult students 30+) and share with their lessons, free time, trips and daily outings. Not only I have made new friends, which I really hope to keep in touch for a long time, but it helped me to understand and speak the language more and more.

The school’s atmosphere is really positive and relaxed and this helps a lot do not feel you the weight of fatigue, that, however, there is because you have to study.

Another interesting thing is the coffee room: here you can have breakfast, lunch and ‘snack-food’ to prices you will never find in London. The staff is very nice and you can find Italian cuisine, like lasagna, pasta, etc .. Great time to socialize!

You can choice about the accommodation in the family, in the hostel or in student accommodation ….it depends on your preferences.…
…and besides there’s London that makes you fall in love.
You can spend your hang out visiting museums (e.g British museum, The National Gallery, Sherlock Holmes house-museum), monuments (e.g. Westminster, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace, Tower Bridge and Tower of London), districts (e.g Notting Hill, Covent Garden, Chelsea, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square), a lot of parks and gardens and many events day and night.

As for the type of courses there are 3: general, intensive or business English … latter requires a medium level of English. I choose general + intensive grammar and helped me a lot to brush up and understand the use of verbs, while the general to speak and to enrich my vocabulary.


Bernadette in his General English class.


Every Monday there is a text but not for teachers, you need to check to what extent you are, if you understand what has been studied in the previous week. And last week the teachers privately invite you to report what you would like to deepen or what you do not understand where you feel to be improved and where not, and give you tips.

Finally there is a certificate, recognized by the British Council, with the votes, areas for improvement and the final judgment.
I’ll Be Back soon.

p.s.: Follow the teacher’s advice: go to the pub is really important to socialize and improve your English!


If you would like to learn at EC London 30+, please look at our English courses in London available on our website.

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