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A visit from Elisabeth and her guide dog Daisy

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Elisabeth and Daisy

The Bloomsbury Group – A visit from Elisabeth and her Guide Dog Daisy

In November 2016, the Bloomsbury Group were treated to a very special visit from Elisabeth, a lady who has a very special companion – Daisy her guide dog.


Elisabeth kindly agreed to visit the school with Daisy and answered questions about the charity who provides guide dogs, life with Daisy and living in London as a visually impaired person.


Student and Bloomsbury Group member Rocio had this to say about the visit:


Today we had a meeting with Elisabeth who is blind since she was born and Daisy her guide-dog. She shared her life accompanied by the dog and told for us that she has had five dogs, but the favourites were the first and Daisy, her dog helps her to live a normal life, like travel around the world, crossing the streets, going up and down stairs and using  the public transport. 

Also that the breeds that worked as guide-dog are Labrador, Golden Retriever and Labradoodle, for this services she pay 15 penny and finally she can do everything she wants, because Daisy gives her confidence, independence and freedom.


A big thank you to Elisabeth and Daisy for the very interesting talk.


You can learn more about the work of the charity that provides and trains guide dogs on their website


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