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Metro, your new bedside book

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Hi new Londoners, future new Londoners or Londoners!


Shall we speak a little bit about the most famous thing in London?

Any guesses?…..



The London tube 🙂 , or more about Metro the tube free newspaper.Metro

I take the tube every day to go to work and I always pick up one of these multiple newspaper, the most common one is Metro.

I love reading it during my journey, it is really interesting and sometimes funny.

At first you will be quite surprise about the headlines, sometimes it’s huge and big but you will have a little article in the newspaper which is quite surprising when you are expecting a full article or a full explanation.

There is also a lot of stories about British people, sometimes happy stories sometimes sad stories. And you will have a little bit of politic, advertising and sport especially FOOTBALL!!

The thing that astonished me is the property section, is it huge, maybe half of the newspaper. Which is surprising knowing that in London there is some issues with accommodation for British people themselves but also for foreigners.

Let’s talk about a really nice section and also my favorite, the Travel news.

You always have the latest news about transport in London (tube, trains, buses), about TFL (Transport For London).

You will always be aware of any works on some lines, or any events etc…

This section is really well written as well. A few days ago, I was reading Metro and on the Travel news section they were giving tips about what to visit in London and especially the best times to visit these see sight to avoid the crowd (even if it’s really busy all the time in London).

You can have a look on the picture below :).

Travel news












I highly recommend you to read newspaper, any newspaper it is helpful for you students. You can practice you’re reading skills, learn new vocabulary and it can be challenging for you every day. You can start reading the small article which are on the side of each page on the newspaper and slowly start to read bigger article :).


Enjoy your reading!!!!


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