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Fancy a Breakfast Club?

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The Breakfast club is a free activity provided at the school in the lounge every day Tuesday to Friday.

The breakfast club is done by one member of the staff who change every day, every morning from 8.30 am to 9.00 am.

It is a conversation class to wake up your mind in English before you start your class. It can be a discussion about a specific topic, a game or a mini lesson.


All the students can join the breakfast club, students from all levels.

It is a conversation activity but it can also be a listening activity.

The breakfast club is a really good opportunity to improve your speaking and listening skills outside the class.

You can also get to know the other students during this activity and share with them.

Sometimes we start the breakfast club on one topic and we move to another one, the students can give their impression about anything and sometimes some tips.

For example, which museum you can visit, what is their favorite place in London, they share some good restaurant addresses.


It’s really nice to see the students interact with each other’s and get friendly :).

It also good for the students to listen to other student’s accent, to be able to understand the different nationalities accent, to be able to understand their classmate in class.

English classes for adults in London

The breakfast club is a good opportunity to improve your English during a fun activity.

EVERYONE IS WELCOME, so don’t hesitate to join us.

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