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Our new intern in the EC London 30+ reception

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We would like to introduce our new intern in the 30 + reception in London:

My name is Linn Hidfors and I am the new intern in the 30+ reception. I am from Sweden, Gothenburg, where I am doing my last year of school. In Sweden I am studying Economics focused on business. The program that I am doing is also offering seven weeks of internship abroad, this is an EU project called Erasmus +. I applied for the internship and here I am in London now until the end of February.

When I applied for the internship I wanted to work in an English-speaking country. In addition, I wanted a challenge. Therefore, London was the perfect place for me: A huge city with a lot of people. I come from a big city in Sweden, but I still got shocked with how many people are wandering around in London. I wanted to know what it was like to live in such a huge city with over 8 million citizens. It has been three weeks of my period here and I love London as a city. Additionally, I really enjoy my job here at EC London. The classrooms are nice and the location of the school is central. My co-workers are amazing and the same goes for all the students!

Quick questions and answers about Linn:

Other languages: Swedish and a bit of Spanish.

Hobbies: I love working out as well as spending time with my friends!

Favourite series: My favourite series is Friends. It is so fun, love it.

Favourite food: I love tacos!

Favourite spot in London: Probably somewhere with a good view of London, such as the Shard, Sky Garden and the restaurant Duck & Waffle.

I would highly recommend Learning English in London at the 30+ school. Come and have fun with us along the way!

Best wishes,


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