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Ever thought about volunteering for our Conversation Partners Program? Check out what Liz has to say!

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I joined Conversation Partners in October of 2010. When I met EC Boston staff person Farika Sanjoyo at a volunteer recruitment event, I knew this opportunity would be a great way to combine my love of education, travel, Spanish, and teaching. 

During the last 11 months I’ve had the privilege of spending time with three amazing partners from South Korea, Spain, and Colombia. While every relationship is different, we’re always able to share our cultures and have a good time together. I’ve also only lived in Boston for a year and a half, so it’s great that my partner and I can explore the city together! We’ve been to museums, the beach, the North End, restaurants, city-wide festivals and events, karaoke, took the ferry to Salem…all great Boston experiences that have been wonderful to share with my partners.

 In addition to the fun I’ve had with my partners, Conversation Partners has worked well logistically. Orientation is very organized and if I ever need support in the program, EC Boston staff are extremely friendly and helpful. The program format also worked well with my schedule: we typically meet once/week at a cafe, but if there’s an event or we’d like to meet on a Saturday we’re able to do that as well. Conversation Partners has been extremely rewarding and I look forward to continue meeting new students from around the world.

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