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Trendy or Unique? Pinterest Has Something for You!

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The newest trend in social media is image sharing! Have you heard of This is the latest up-and-coming site out there, a girl’s (or boy’s) best friend!

Well, what is it?

Pinterest is a socially networked site that allows users to “pin” (post and share) pictures that represent things you are interested in, to share with their friends and other Pinterest members. Users can upload “pins” from their own personal photos, or can grab images from the net, which will create a link back to the original source. You can “like,” “share,” and “tweet” or “repin” everything that you find on pintrest with the simple click of your mouse! Trust me, I can spend hours and hours browsing all of the interesting pictures and info posted on the pinboards, as well as making my own pins! It’s more addictive than chocolate or coffee! Well… maybe not, but almost!

Why is this site good for language learners?
I think Pinterest is the ultimate tool for language learners at EC Boston.

*This is the perfect way to stay connected to what you really like and who you are as a person! You can easily explore all of your hobbies and interests in the English language!

*You will keep practicing and try harder if you are reading material that you feel connected to.

*You won’t have to search the internet for hours to find something you want to read anymore.

*Enjoying your hobbies is one of the most important ways to help you stay focused, and avoid homesickness.

*You can find some fresh and interesting topics to talk to your friends about in English!

*You can learn so much about American culture and trends!

Sign up for an account and start “Pinning!”

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