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New Elective: Pre- Intermediate Art Appreciation!

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EC Boston is offering many exciting new electives! One of these new electives is Pre-Intermediate Art Appreciation, taught by Marina Veronica.

In this elective, students will be looking at various works of art, learning to describe them and discussing opinions. Students will learn to not only describe what they see in each composition, but also will practice discussing how they feel about the works of art. They will be able to use their imaginations to go beyond just what they can see in each work of art to describe and discuss what they think might have led to what they see and why the artist captured what he did.

Students will benefit greatly not just from their exposure to many famous works of art, but also through exposure to new vocabulary, practice discussing opinions, and practice writing reviews. The use of so many visuals will help lower level students easily learn new vocabulary words and there will be practice speaking during class discussions on the art presented. There will also be a great focus on writing, with many assignments emphasizing the use of adjectives and prepositions. Students will also learn to use compare and contrast writing techniques when discussing various works of art.

Marina is especially excited to be teaching this new elective because art is her passion. She has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Art History and has experience teaching art history and art appreciation to many ages and levels. She has also worked giving art tours in Amsterdam, San Francisco, and Boston. This experience will be especially beneficial to students in this elective when the class visits the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston to see in person some of the pictures they have studied in class!

This exciting new elective not only gives students the possibility of studying great works of art but also the benefit of practicing new vocabulary, grammar, speaking, and writing skills. Check out the Marina and the class ready to learn below!art

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