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Friendship and Food

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“A life without friends is a life without the sun,” so goes the saying. Friends are flavoring agents to make life gleaming.

Here at EC Boston, you will make a lot of friends. Students who come from all over the world speak different languages, and different cultures converge here.You will find that you will not only learn a lot of things like English, but you will also share good times with your international friends, learn about customs and cultures, enjoy activities together, try each other’s country’s food, or prepare food by yourself.

Last week, a Pre-intermediate class composed of teacher Colette and her students, made delicious dessert crepes together. Teacher Colette brought ingredients and and the students learned how to make Banana-Nutella Crepes while using the passive voice to describe the steps in making them.They worked like a team, had fun learning grammar and enjoyed the dessert like a family.

Life is really about friendship and food!
Words by Xiaolei Wang, Pre-Intermediate 3B class


Thank you to Xiaolei Wang for the post and to Colette for showing students how to have fun while they study ESL abroad at EC Boston!

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