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A Great Transportation for Students in Boston: Amtrak

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Are you interested in traveling to another city, state or country? Language study in Boston is an excellent experience because, not only is Boston a great city, but it’s also close to other exciting places which you can visit from here. If you use the ISX travel, you can go there like New York and Washington D.C. by bus. However, if you go there individually, you can use the transportation other than buses. The long bus movement must make you so tired. Instead of buses, there is a comfortable train in the United states. Today, I’ll introduce you the third transportation in United states called “Amtrak”.

What is Amtrak?

Amtrak is one of the trains which runs all over the United States and parts of Canada like Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto and Niagara Falls so if you take that, you can go wherever you like even from east to west. It runs not only urban cities like New York, Seattle, Philadelphia and Miami but also countryside like Montana, North Dakota and Kansas. The fastest speed of Amtrak is 150 mph (241 kph) and the average speed is 100mph (160kph) so some of you like European and Japanese who use usually Euro Star, TGV and Shinkansen feel it slow. Of course, the tickets are more expensive than buses.

The charms of Amtrak

Let’s compare Amtrak with greyhound bus. Greyhound bus is the bus which also runs all over the United States and part of Canada. Amtrak is more expensive than the buses. Moreover, it takes time to reach the destination. From Boston to New York, for example, Amtrak takes time as much as buses. It’s about 4 to 5 hours. However, Amtrak has charms buses don’t have, and charms that faster European and Japanese trains don’t have. First, the breadth of seats is different. Greyhound bus, for example, the seats are narrow so if you take the buses for more than 4 hours, you must be tired. However, Amtrak’s seats are much wider than buses. Even if you take the train for more than 7 hours to go from Boston to far places like Washington, you won’t be tired. Moreover, there are some seating accommodations so you can sleep on the seat like a bed. Second, Amtrak has the cafeteria room. If you are hungry, you can buy something to eat and drink there. Various food and drink are sold there like sandwich, pasta, wrap, alcohol and so on. Furthermore, there are some seats for eating so you can eat smelling food like McDonald’s hamburger here.

The other great thing about Amtrak is the views. While you’re sitting in such comfortable seats, you get to see so much of America through the windows. It is an incredible way to see this country.


In my opinion, if you come to the United States, I do recommend you take Amtrak. You should spend a comfortable journey.

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