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Fall Events to Look Forward to in Boston Part 3

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Hi, it’s Kazuki again with more posts about the fall season for those of you who want to learn english in boston. Maybe I saved the best until last!


In November, in TD Garden and Downtown, many events are held like basketball games, ice hockey games, concerts and theaters. People start getting into the seasonal spirit. On the last Thursday in November, there is a national holiday called Thanksgiving Day – officially America’s biggest annual celebration.

Thanksgiving is a celebration of coming together and sharing with the people around you. It originates from a meeting a very long time ago between European settlers and Native Americans. Actually, Thanksgiving is becoming a controversial topic in the United States because of the history of this event, with growing support for the rights of Native American people. However, what is for certain is that this is still the biggest celebration in the country where families get together and experience what many would say is the most clear example of United States culture. In particular, students who stay with our wonderful host families (currently the highest-rated host families in all of EC!) get to experience this celebration with a real American family, and every year the students have so much fun.

Also, Thanksgiving is famous for Black Friday – the day after Thanksgiving. This is the bargain day. You can receive much discount at almost all every shop and outlet like Newbury street, Assembly Row and Wrentham Outlet. Let’s get what you really want by using this day! It’s a well-known fact about America that people go crazy for Black Friday. For many of our students, this is a fascinating experience because it is completely unique to American culture. Many shops open very early for this day, and at the popular shops, hundreds of people will run into the store as soon as it opens to try and get the best deals!



Not only enjoying these events but also feeling the change of season is one of the fun things. We also want you to enjoy the autumn colors in Boston Public Garden. However, of course, the climate and temperature must change and become colder so please maintain your physical condition. Let’s enjoy your stay in fall Boston!

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