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Join, Empower and Promote Social Initiatives of Young People a story by Jean Michell Rodriguez Nunez

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This story was given to us by Jean Michell Rodriguez Nunez, AY 30 student (15th Jan – 28th July) and we reproduce it here with his permission.
A very touching story, we hope you enjoy it!

The Story of the Little baby shoe
This is just a Story which has inspired the foundation of RECOJO “Red Colombiana de Jovenes”. (Colombian Network of Youth) whose mission is join, empower and promote social initiatives of young people who want to work in building a better Colombia, from multiple areas, and constructive initiatives.
This story has had a great impact on my way of thinking….I´d like to share this story with you!
In 1972, a Uruguayan Rugby Team, boards an airplane to go to a match in Chile. In the middle of the flight the airplane begins to fail and suddenly they crash into the Andes Mountains. “In the Andes mountain range, the perpetual snow”
There is a movie based on that (VIVEN), in that film they show everything what they had to do to survive, it is frightening, an avalanche kills half of them, through of a battery radio they realise they won´t be rescued, the people think they´re dead. So they realised they had two options: going to look for help or lay on the ground and die of cold and hunger.
They decide to go and look for help, but not everybody can go, so they choose two people, (The doctor and the team leader), and they begin to prepare them, they give them all the provisions in a small leather bag. And before going out, Nando, who´s the doctor take a pair of little baby shoes and he gives one of them to Carlitos, who´s his best friend and he says: “Carlitos, this shoe is a symbol so you can remember I´m going to come back for you”.
And they just go, they almost die from cold and hunger, almost fall over a ravine, but one week after they get to Chile and find a group of villagers and they feel they are saved, and that they are going to survive. In that moment, Nando holds his bag and take out the little baby shoe and remembers all who are left behind. In fact in the film they show when they arrive to rescue them and Carlitos holds the little shoe in his hands.
This story reflects what sometimes happens to us, (World Youth). Our societies and our countries have given us everything; they have put in that small leather bag all the provisions (all the study, all the opportunities, lucky to be here studying in the UK)…. waiting for us to come back and rescue them, and it´s sad to see that many
people arrive out the end of the road and say “Thanks for everything, Now I´m professional, I´m going to make money and family.. Good bye”. They forget all who are waiting for them, all the people who didn’t have the same opportunities, all the children hanging around the streets”
And that’s why we need to change, teach people that in life´s bag all we carry is a little baby shoe in our bag and we´ve to take over it. We came as ambassadors of our countries and we go back as global delegates.
I hope you like it and in a certain way it has a poignant effect on you!
J. Michell Rodríguez N. (Colombia)

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