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Student Testimonials – 3 Carolinas!

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Carolina Garcia Hernandez, Carolina Nieto and Carolina Carcavilla, all arrived from Spain to learn English in Brighton. Carolinas Hernandez and Nieto both arrived together and stayed in one of our student residences. They both studied on an Intensive English course. Carolina Carcevilla on the other hand was here for nine weeks, and was also on an Intensive English course. She progressed from Intermediate level to Upper Intermediate during her time here, congratulations! Here’s what they all had to say when they left:


Carolina Garcia Hernandez:

“Thanks for everything. One of the best experiences.”

Carolina Nieto:

“Thanks EC, thanks Brighton, thanks for everything! :)”

Carolina Garcia & Carolina Nieto with their certificates for studying English at EC Brighton


Carolina Carcavilla:

“Fantastic experience!”

Carolina Pons with her certificate for studying English at EC Brighton



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