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Good luck to our FCE and CAE students!

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Good luck with the exam


Every year at EC Brighton we run intensive Cambridge courses for students who wish to complete their FCE or CAE exams. Cambridge certificates are a great way to show employers your level of English, so many student opt to take this qualification.

What are Cambridge Exams?

The exam itself has 5 parts: Speaking, Reading, Writing, Listening and Use of English. This means you need to be good at all of these skills to achieve a passing grade. You do the speaking test with a partner, so you can show off your conversational skills. The writing paper requires students to complete an essay for the first part. In the second section, you have a choice of either a report, an email, an article or a review. For the CAE exam, you may also choose to write a proposal. The Reading and Use of English paper come together. In it you will find a selection of reading comprehension tasks, alongside grammar and vocabulary questions. It sounds like a lot, right? Having a teacher to guide you through the exam is a big help as there are lots of techniques to learn for each paper. And of course, the language itself!

Our Cambridge Students

After 12 weeks of preparation, our CAE and FCE students are finally took their exam last week. These students have been very lucky as they’ve had brilliant lessons delivered by Sam and Chris. Both of whom are very experienced Cambridge Exam teachers! Studying for a test is not easy as it requires a lot of hard work and dedication. However, Sam and Chris managed to make the process fun and engaging, even when we entered our second lockdown.

One class was so happy with the extra care and personal touch from their teacher that they wrote a beautiful letter. Not only did it showcase how awesome their English is, but it also brought a tear to the eye!

We wish them all the best with their exam results!

Want to try a Cambridge Exam?

If you’re thinking about taking a Cambridge preparation course, why not join us for English Classes in Brighton? Check our brochure or contact our admissions team for details of our course dates.


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