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5 English Weather Idioms

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A windy day on Brighton beach
A windy day on Brighton beach


If you have ever met an English person, you might have noticed that we like to talk about the weather A LOT. This might have something to do with the fact that we experience several seasons in one day! Consequently, there are a lot of idiomatic expressions connected to the weather. Here are a few common ones, along with an example of how to use them:

To feel under the weather

‘I’m feeling a bit under the weather today.’

We can use this expression to say we are not feeling 100% healthy. For example, maybe you have a headache or feel like you are starting to get sick.

To be snowed under

‘Sorry! I didn’t reply sooner because I’ve been completely snowed under this week.’

This expression means that you have been very busy, usually with work or an important school project. As a result, you might also feel that you have too many things to do and it is too much to manage.

To break the ice

‘The best way to break the ice is to make a joke’

We often use this expression to talk about a new social situation which is uncomfortable, for example your first day in a new class or meeting your partner’s parents for the first time. ‘Breaking the ice’ means saying or doing something to get the conversation started and make everyone feel relaxed.

Every cloud has a silver lining

I was annoyed I missed my train, but I got chatting to someone on the platform and made a new friend while I was waiting for the next one so I guess every cloud has a silver lining.’

You can use this idiom to talk about a positive part of a negative situation. For example, the Coronavirus has made people better at making an effort to communicate with their families.

To be a breeze

‘The test was a breeze because I knew all of the vocabulary that came up’

This is another way to say that something was easy or required little effort.


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