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Chiya Ando – What's it like learning English in Brighton during Covid?

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Many people dream of studying English abroad and we are happy to say that a little thing like a pandemic doesn’t get in the way of this. Our schools have put in place safety measures to make sure students can continue to learn with us safely. As a result, we have lots of students at EC Brighton who are still having a great time learning English. There are still plenty of opportunities to experience a new culture and forge lots of lifelong international friendships. Not to mention the chance to practise your English with native speakers.

Our student Chiya is enjoying her experience studying at our English Language School in Brighton, even during these difficult times. Read on to hear what it’s like studying with us here in our Brighton school.


EC Brighton student Chiya Ando

In the classroom

Before I got into EC Brighton, I was worried if I could understand the lessons in English, but the teachers kindly teach me until the students understand it, so it’s been a month and a half since I started going to school, but I can feel my improvement in English. The teacher doesn’t teach using only textbooks. They think for us fun lessons using games, music, etc., so I enjoy learning English every day!

Staying safe

I wear masks all the time at school, and the classrooms and classes are made so that we can keep a social distance with my friends and teachers, so I feel safe to go to school.

Outside of school

Although there was a limit of 6 people to gather because of Corona, after class I went to the beach with my school friends and went to restaurants and enjoyed my time outside of school. And I’ve been working in a restaurant, so I enjoy communicating with native speakers! Within the rules of Corona, I can have a safe and enjoyable time.

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