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Learn English at EC Bristol Language School!! Word of the week… Lush!

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Hello EC Bristol gang, how are you on this fine day?

Uh Oh!! I wrote a post on Friday and it’s not there! We’re not sure what happened but all you can see is the title so I’m going to try and remember what I posted.. Here we go..

First thing’s first: my word of the week last week was lush, any ideas what it could mean? Have a think and I will tell you at the end of this blog – WIN a high-five from me if you get it right.. everyone wants one of those!

Well well well, WHAT a weekend we’ve had! It was a scorcher on Sunday, very very hot and sunny! I think most people went as red as a tomato because we’re not used to such lovely weather. It was beautiful. I was in Warwickshire which is North of Bristol and we’re hoping to take students there soon to see the amazing old buildings from history. There are castles and cobbled lanes – similar to those around Bristol – which are great to see and pretend you’re a princess or Robin Hood! Would you like to visit Warwick Castle? Let me know and we might take you there!

I spoke to lots of the students yesterday they were all telling me how surprised they were at the wonderful weather, as if they were back at home. Some mentioned they studied in the sunshine in their gardens or on Queen Square outside EC Bristol and practiced their English when they met friends in town – lovely! Some of them just sunbathed though instead of revising, tut tut!

It’s Tuesday here in Bristol now so all the new arrivals have settled down into their classes with new friends and they seem to be enjoying their time here a lot already which is very nice to see! We took them out last night for a meal at a popular restaurant & bar called The Big Chill hidden away in the city centre. They have a brilliant menu and everyone seemed to really enjoy getting to know eachother over a casual meal and a drink. We do this every Monday to welcome our lovely newcomers and introduce them to EC Bristol English School. I have some photos on my phone from the evening so hopefully I can figure out how to upload them and you can have a look!

We’re already gearing up for the next group of new students arriving on Monday, it’s going to get very busy at school! We can’t wait. But for now our main focus is making sure that each student is on the right level, in the right course with the right people and of course to make sure that they are happy.

I mentioned before that some students come to EC only intending to stay for a week or two, perhaps on a general course. However, recently there has been a dramatic increase in those students wishing to stay for longer and upgrade to an intensive course. This is great news as it shows how much they’re getting from their classes and that they want even more time to work hard, improve and enjoy England!

Okay, so to round off this blog, let’s talk about the word of the week last week: Lush. Any ideas what it could mean? Well, I’ll tell you.. Lush is a Bristolian or South Western term for great, lovely, or nice. It’s a slang word which are words that you would often say while you chat with friends and which doesn’t always portray it’s true meaning.

For example the word ‘cool’. After a friend has asked you how you were feeling today you might say “Yeah thanks, I’m cool!” You’re not really cold and shivering, what you mean is that you’re feeling great. This is a lot like lush, so instead you might say “Yeah thanks, I’m lush!” See?

The slang word Lush comes from the real meaning of the word Lush which is succulent, tender and juicy vegetation such as grass. And due to Bristol having plenty of of farms and incredible countryside, this seems to be the reason why we have turned this into a positive slang term we use everyday. You really do learn something new everyday!

Did you get it right or wrong? Comment on the blog if I owe you that high-five!!

Speak soon, have a… lush day ūüôā


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