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Some people get the Monday morning blues.. but not us here at EC Bristol English school – we love Mondays!!
We just welcomed a cheery 30 new students to our EC School of fun and they all seem so happy to be here!
I can’t wait to meet them all later on this afternoon at the welcome activity over some food and a drink.
As far as I heard the London trip was great! Our EC students really enjoyed meeting students from our other UK schools and having a look around London with them. Fingers crossed there are some photos from the day that I can post online soon. I’ll have to ask around…
Also, we welcomed a cool three new teachers this week – yey!! So a big EC shout out to Polly, Tarnie and Stephen! šŸ™‚
This means that those students wishing to extend their course, switch to Intensive from General, or requesting one to ones have an even bigger choice of teachers to pick from. The diversity of the school is growing everyday and it’s nice that as the number of students grow, so does our team.
What I really notice is when I pop out to get some lunch, I keep bumping into students! I can’t walk more than a few metres without someone waving or calling hello. What a lovely working atmosphere for me and what a great studying environment for the students. I bet there aren’t many people you know of who get on so well with their teachers or people from school that they chat with them outside of school? Well it’s definately the opposite here – everyone gets on with everyone and learns English as a team.
Three cheers to that!
I’d better start getting ready to treat the new students to their meal – they’re finishing class already! Wow, today has gone fast… Time flies when you’re having fun! šŸ˜‰

Speak soon,

Fay xo

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