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Good Afternoon EC Bristol gang!

How’s it going your end?
This week, summer may have finally arrived!! Better late than never.. It’s so hot!
Update: We had the International Food night last week, which, as you must have already guessed.. Was MARVELLOUS!
The food the students brought was that of a professional Chef’s standard – soo tasty and didn’t hang around long!! We had food from Spain, Italy, Turkey, Germany, France and even Thailand. Mmm mmm mmmmmm 🙂 Delicious!
We tucked into our delightful food while listening to music, chatting with friends and enjoying some drinks from France and Australia. In fact it was so successful, we are thinking of having another night just the same! Everyone had a really fun night and pointed out how surprised they were with the amount of effort the ‘Chefs’ made.. one student brought 5 big plates of different food!!!

Of course as always, we have said hello to a new group of students this week – around 35 of them! We went out for the Welcome Meal last night and that was very enjoyable too. A short walk up the road from EC Bristol and we found ourselves tucking into homemade burgers and salad made how you like it. This week one of the teachers, Ellie came with me – she had a chicken burger with plenty of salad while I had a beef burger with spicy salsa, lots of salad (and extra tomato!!) They were lovely – and a great start to a great stay with EC for the new students!

Tonight it will be all guns blazing on the Orientation Tour around Bristol. Today it’s Kyle who will be taking then students on a walk around Bristol to show them what there is to be seen and tell them what there is to be told. He will show them all around the shops and the boats, the city centre fountains and the best places to visit for a night or day out of never ending fun.

So at the moment, it’s activities all over!! We are trying our best to make sure that our students have as much fun as possible not only in the lessons, but out of them too. We want them to enjoy their time here and make the most out of what Bristol and EC have to offer.. We want them to have a ‘gurt’ smile on their face!!

Just a quick one: ‘gurt’ or ‘gert’ is a Bristolian slang word for ‘very’ or ‘big’.. It’s a word we use to emphasise our enthusiasm for something we are saying. For example: “That’s a gurt sandwich you’ve got there!” Or… “I’m gert happy the sun is shining!” It’s a funny word which is usually used to make people laugh by adding a bit of comedy to what they’re saying – like with friends!

That’s all for today, I hope you’re all well and that the summer (or perhaps winter in some parts of the world?!) is treating you well.
I will write soon!

Big love,
Fay xo

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