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Fabulous Friday at EC Bristol?! I think so!

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Thaaat’s right! Fabulous Friday is upon us and we are all
looking forward to the weekend! Not long to go now…

But personally, (and worryingly..!) I may actually be looking
forward to Monday more!

Yes, you did read that correctly, I am looking forward to the dreaded M-O-N-D-A-YYY

I love meeting the new students and knowing that we are one of the
first things they experience in Bristol. We always give them a warm welcome and a bright hello
with a BIG smile so that they feel more at home from the very beginning.

SO… Shall we do a word of the week? I think we should! Right so, this week it’s sort of a phrase… “Hang on”

Sometimes, the students here are so eager for a peice of shiny Ana or Fay attention at EC Bristol’s reception that they are beside themselves with antisipation.. so what do they do? They interrupt us when we’re trying to make another student’s day that little bit brighter! Dear oh dear oh dear…. What are we going to do with these cheeky so and sos, hmm? Well, I tell them to ‘hang on’. Ana was so confused what this phrase meant – I completely forgot that the literal translation to this is completely out of context and to be honest a bit of an odd thing to say. But here in England we say it a lot.

I suppose it comes from big action films or something similar like fairy tale… When the hero has to run and save the damsel in distress from the edge of the cliff before she loses her grip and falls to her doom.. But he’s always being distracted by something like a dragon or fighting a villain, so he yells ‘Hang on!!!!’ which is literally asking her to keep holding on to the edge of the cliff until he can finally save her life, which ofcourse, he always does.. and they live happily ever after. The End!

In this day and age, since Princes and Princesses, this phrase would seem to have evolved into not only just asking someone to hold on to something, like food shopping when you’re trying to unlock your front door.. It now also means to wait or be patient – but in a more relaxed, friendly way. It can be said in a more stern way to make sure that the person being asked to wait understands that you are busy and you will be with them when you can, but it usually tends not to offend as much as if you were to ask someone to wait a moment.

So there we go!! That was a very longwinded way of telling you what ‘hang on’ means. But I hope it made you giggle?

Have a lovely weekend – I’ll be updating the facebook with photos of the Bristol Balloon Fiesta over the weekend – so keep your eye out by ‘liking’ the page:

Big love,

Fay xo

PS: The riots are over YEY!!

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