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Half way through the week celebrations!!

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It’s nearly midday here which would mark the ever-celebrated Middle Of The Week!! Yesss!!
The sun is out (probably not for long…), the birds are singing and the students are studying. What a wonderful day!

We cleared out the middle office yesterday, ready to welcome back Anne-Louise from her ma-hoosive [massive] holiday away in France so she can move in. This is a good step forward for the EC Bristol team as we don’t like using our pretty rooms as storage. Admitting we had a problem was the first step to helping ourselves sort out the mess.. So before we could say super-ultimate-magic-teamwork-because-EC-Bristol-is-amazing… The room was empty!!
Wowzers. [wow]

Tonight we have a double treat: There’s a Bridge Walk AND a DVD Afternoon!! Whattt? We are spoiling the students, we really, really are.
What’s more, the DVD is the King’s Speech which students have pleaded me to go out and buy. In my need to make sure our students are happy and smiling what did I do? I went out and bought it.
I walked the equivalent of a marathon (about 500 meters) up something similar Mt. Everest (up the hill that is Park Street) for many days and nights (about 5 minutes….) to claim this DVD for those angels of the classrooms that are our students.
All this, for their totally free, uninterrupted happiness and joy.

Finally, it is Doughnut day today. Mmm…. Deelish. [delicious]
We are enjoying our doughnuts at EC, but what is this? No Ingmar?!
That’s right guys and gals, the worst HAS happened. Ingmar has left the building FOREVER!!!
Okay, so that may be a sliiight exaggeration. He’s gone for a week, but he’s gone as far away as MARS! Okay, I’m kidding again… He’s gone to Milton Keynes.
He has gone to do some work in the luxurious and dreamed-of part of England that is called Milton Keynes. I must say, we are all very jealous.

Alas, the show must go on and so without further ado I’d better break my leg and get on with the show. The student’s will be out of class soon and I have to set up the DVD. I want to watch it with them, but sadly I must work. Maybe I’ll borrow it and have my own DVD night at home? Ha!
On that note, have a looovely jubbly [very lovely] day and I will speak to you again in a matter of hours.

Big love from the recently qualified removal EC team and a gurt wave from Bristol!
Fay xo

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