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The weekend is here…

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Fantastic. The time has arrived when everyone (… well, most people) can relish having a whole 48 hours off of work. Urgh, actually saying it like that makes it sound like no time atall!! Um.. 2 days, the best part of a week, 172,800 seconds, 2,800 minutes.. Ahh that’s better 🙂

There’s a wonderfully bright moon outside which can surely only be a good sign.. unless a wolf is lurking around?? FACT OF THE DAY: wolves do not howl at the moon, they just howl at night, which is often when a moon can be seen, so they’re therefore usually associated with howling at the moon, even though they’re not. Sorry, I’m not quite sure why I’m rambling on about wolves… We don’t even have them here in England?!

We DO have the Loch Ness Monster though 🙂

So, enough of this going on about nothing…. Tell me about what you associate England with, or what do you associate your country with? Do you think that we’re always ‘popping’ home to have a ‘spot of tea with some delicious scones’? Well, we probably are, but that is indeed a BIG stereotype about England which is not very true.. But we do love our tea. Also, we do not all sound as though we’re from London and  run around saying ‘Alryte guv’nah?’.. Just so we’re clear. It’s BALDERDASH.

I’m intrigued to know what else you think of England, what are your questions or wonders? For example, a student once asked me ”Why do English people always talk about the weather?” haha, funny but true! Tell me what stereotypes or myths exist in your country, I’d love to know!!

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Right then, I’m going to say toodle pip and pop to bed.

Spiffing. Smashing. Jolly good show old chap.

Fay xo

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