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End of the day…

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*big yawn*

It’s been a VERY busy day here at EC Bristol today, very busy indeed!

Lots and lots of students asking questions about Bristol – where to go, things to do, sights to see.. Some students went on the Bridge walk that happens every other week, other students stayed behind and watched the DVD. We showed Love Actually today, a bit off-season, but it’s a popular film and one of Ingmar’s favourites.. so we had to show it!!

We also had doughnut day yum yum yummmmm whilst saying goodbye to Kevin who is visiting some of the EC Schools for a while.

We welcomed a new teacher the other day too called Rosie. Good name! She’s very smiley and happy and says a big hello.

We ALSO said a big hello to our brand spanking new student residences!! They’re AMAZING! They have a games room with snooker, table tennis, a WII and a Playstation. There’s a built-in home cinema to watch DVDs whenever you want and a gym to keep fit after a hard day of studying!

WOW! For those of you who really enjoy treating yourself to luxury – this is it! Ingmar tells me that it’s like a 4 star hotel, so it must be good.

So phew, it ‘s been a bit busy here which is why I keep writing in the afternoon.

At least today there’s no drizzle – just sunshine and a cool breeze. I read in an article last night that we could get snow as early as October or November this year! This is very unusual, but it’s pretty excitinggggg. It could be rubbish though, all made up hype to make us more excited that the miserable weather is coming….. I hope not!!

Good lord, more weather talk. That is the sign for me to stop!!!! But before I go, this is an on-going theme whenever we talk about snow here… do you think that England gets real snow, in comparison to other countries, like Germany or Russia for example? Or do you think that we’re all wimps and going on about nothing more than a dusting of pretty ice? Let me know as it’s an interesting topic here at EC Bristol!!

Take care & speak soon,


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