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Now THAT was a busy day!

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Blimey oh Riley’s trousers this was a crazy couple of days!!

The internet here has been up and down more than a yo yo the past few days… That is, for the staff not the teachers! Which has rendered me unable to blog for a day or so – so I do apologise. The internet is back now and better than ever – perhaps it went out to enjoy the amazing weather we’ve been having?!

It’s been verrry warm here.. dare I even say….. hot?

I said it! I said it! I’m sorry, but it really is!! Here, we call it an Indian Summer, which is pretty appropriate due to the fact that we’re a language school 🙂

It means that the summer was rather pants for us, but all of a sudden it gets amaazzing and warm right when it should be getting all cold ‘n ‘orrible. Usually a bit muggy too. Mmm… sweaty betty people on the bus. Gotta love it! Haha!

We’re trying to organise a party for Halloween and it’s proving to be quite a challenge! Fingers crossed we find somewhere amazzzzing to do make a spooky evening of it all. I’m dying to cut out EC pumpkins!!!! What luck that pumpkins are orange!! Yesssss

I’ve probably mentioned it before too, but the staff (hopefully everyone) is going to dress up on the day – love it!! I’m so excited, I can’t wait.

Some of our very best and brightest are leaving this week – I’m so sad! I always get sad on a Friday, saying goodbye to people I see everyday, but this week there are a few who were here before me! So EC will feel very different indeed!

Luckily we can keep in touch over Facebook and things these days, more students are getting involved now, so it’s easier to carry on chatting long after you leave your new found friends. ‘Like’ us on Faceyb onnnn…. 🙂


I’d better get back to work, I’ve got a lot to catch up on!

Big love from Bristol!!


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