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It's the middle of the week!

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We love Wednesdays!!!!

However, I have always found it odd how we spell Wednesday. Phonetically, it should be spelt Wensday, but no no! We like to spell it Wed-nes-day, even though we don’t pronounce it this way. We Brits like to give you a challenge 😀

It has been crazzzzy here at EC so I must apologise for my blog-neglect-itis. I have been to the doctor and he said that it’s a rare disease which is caused by helping lots of students and being super busy. However, he said that there is no cause for alarm as it is completely curable: I simply have to blog more and I will feel much better – and hopefully so will you!!

But I can only get better with your help – so please get in touch and tell me some funny stories or a good joke on our facebook page at 🙂

I have cut my toe!!! I was rushing to work today in a silly pair of sandals and I cut my toe 🙁 But Dan being the first-aid man was at hand the moment I got through the door to fix me up sharpish! So now I have a gurt bandage on my foot for all to see how wounded I am… Doughnut day may be in jeopardy! Noooo!!

The students are walking to class right in front of me now, saying hello, good morning and how are you? It’s lovely to see how much they come out of their shells and how much they improve their English over such a short amount of time.

They’re all in class now, apart from a few late students topping up their bottles with water… And now it’s quiet…

Ahhh the sound of learning is a beautiful one!

So. To make up for my getting behind of blog posting, I am going to write 2 a day for a few days. Then you’ll really be in the loop of what’s happening here.

We had a few more students mention that they read the blogs from home and were driven to come to EC and enjoy a course here – I was very chuffed indeed!! One of them was from Russia – a very kind and friendly gentleman who was one of the most polite people I have ever met. I won’t say his name, but hopefully he’ll be reading this blog and he will know who he is 🙂

Anyway – I must dash because I have lots of work to do!

Speak a little later on today.. Watch this space!!


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