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WHAT a night!!! What a night!

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What can I say! THAT was a party! It was soo much fun!! I think that the students had the best time!!

There was music, games, food and drink and plenty of fake blood!!!

We still have the dress up competition to go on Monday – actual Halloween 🙂 We’re all so excited! I have the prizes ready to go for the winners of the competition…. drum roll to see who wins!!

Have a look at the photos, I’m going to upload them on here and on the facebook. Tag people that you might know!!

Saturday is the Zombie Walk don’t forget – 14:00 on College Green is when it all kicks off – meet me there in your best dead outfit.

Looking forward to Monday now… the new arrivals are on their way…….!

Speak soon and have a lovely weekend,

Fay xo

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