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Interview – Fabiola

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What’s your name? Fabiola

Where are you from? Italy, Milan.

How old are you? 25

What is your favourite colour? Green. And my coulour of the day is Pink!

What are your favourite hobbies? reading, watching movies and meeting friends.

My priorities are keeping being independent and my family.

When I wake up I check outside the window to look at the weather and that will determine my mood of the day.

I like drinking wink, music, laughing with friends and cooking nice food.

I hate pigeons and seagulls, birds in general! and arrogant people.

I’m proud of living in a foreign country and how I achieved my life until now.

The first thing I do when I get back home I put some loud music on, I take my shoes off and dance cheeky

I’m afraid of losing my friends from my home country and the time that is flying away so fast!

I dream about touring the world with my music!


My future projects touring the world with my music wink…recording an album and yah going on tour!


My song of the day is This must be the place – Talking Heads

My favourite book The Master and Margarita – Bulgakov

My favourite film – recently I watched Mulholland Drive – David Lynch and it blew me away!

The 3 things that I can’t live without money xD…music, sun and pasta!

Picture yourself in 10 years more mature and with the same enthusiasm. It'll be time also to think about starting a family.

My favourite food is pasta with tomato, basil and mozzarella cheeky

I’d like to visit China!

My favourite smell: baked bread (the bread which has just been made!)

Last concert or movie or play or musical that I saw…movie – Tell no one (French movie) – very great movie!!! and gig – Slow Club!

What is the best thing in EC Bristol: the people who are working there and students that make me laugh when I'm having a bad day!

What is the worst thing in EC Bristol: I can't take holidays in summer!

My best memory from my childhood: when my parents were decorating the house on Christmas Day as if Santa Clauss will suddenly pop in!

My lucky charm is a ladybird keyring!

Do you collect anything? If yes, what? I used to collect big pencils from the places I visited.

My favourite animal is a turtle.

What are you thinking right now? what I should eat for lunch! ^^

What are you wearing? nothing! just a shirt, trousers and shoes.

My favourite sport: volleyball.

My favourite country/city: Barcelona!


It annoys me procrastination and when people are moaning all the time.

What makes me happy is having nice people around me and knowing that I can count on my friends.

Thanks Fabi for this great interviewsmiley

Stella xx

p.s: Let's celebrate this post because Fabiola's interview is the 100 post of this blog!

I reckon that Fabiola is the right and really appropriate person for this post!


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