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Francisco Ballesteros, one of our ex-student at EC Bristol, Testimonial

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We would like to thank Francisco for his testimonial. Fran you've been a great student and even if you are not studying anymore at our language centre in Bristol it's always a pleasure for us to see you around.

Here is what Francisco had to say about the school, city, staff and students while studying on his intermediate level English course in Bristol, moving up to advanced level:

'For me EC is not just a language school but a way of life. I studied there last year, and the two months I spent were amazing. It gave me the chance to meet a lot of people from all over the world, sharing my life for two months with them, and doing it speaking English is something I won’t ever regret.
I can say I’m a lucky guy as I was able to come back to Bristol last September, this time to study at Uni, and luckily I could resume what EC means for me. Even not being an EC student anymore I can feel the EC mood when hanging out with the students and still meeting new people from different countries.

I would like to thank all the people I’ve met at EC, not only when I was a student but also people that I’m meeting right now who I’m sure I will meet again in the future, and especially Stella, someone who was there and still is and who totally summarizes what EC is for me. Cheers guys!!!'

Thanks Fran!



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