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Samuel Wildbolz, student from EC Bristol, Testimonial

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We would like to thank Samuel for his testimonial. Samuel has been studying an ESL course abroad at EC Bristol. He has been an amazing student and we hope to see him again soon at EC Bristol.

Q: 'Why did you choose this destination?

A: Because of the location and the beautiful environment.


Q: What did you learn?

A: I improved my vocabulary, speaking and grammar skills.


Q: How much did you improve?

A: I was here for just three weeks, which is too short to give a comment but I can practise the language more easily and in a fluent way.


Q: What did you like most about the school/lessons?

A: The interactive lessons and my favourite classes were in the morning.


Q: What did you like most about your accommodation?

A: The location: very close to the school.


Q: Would you recommend EC to a friend?

A: Yes!


Q: Where did your new friends come from?

A: Mostly from Swizterland and Spain.


Q: What will you remember from your stay?

A: I will remember my stay as a good experience! I've learnt loads of things even if it was a short stay.'

Thanks again Samuel for this lovely testimonial!IMG_20130530_172420

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