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Letters from our Italian Group

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Last week, at EC Bristol, we had a very friendly Italian group from the city of Cuneo.

They had different workshops to do and one of them was to reply at a letter written by their EC teachers (Benjamin & Mirium). They wrote such lovely letters that we would like to share them with you.

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Drawing of our Italian group made by one of our teachers!

Please read below two of the selected letters.

First Letter

Dear Ben & Mirium,

I've received your letter and so I'm gonna reply to you. I've really enjoyed your lessons becase they are so different than ours, in Italy. Last year I went to Edinburgh but the lessons were just about grammar and talking, and you've done more than this! The trip in the museum, when we've interviewed people in their local shops, the "music lesson" and in general all the activities that we've done were so brilliant!!!

I think that my most memorable experience is when my brother and me had to walk to Bath (a 2 hour walk) because we've missed the train. When we've arrived we were really exhausted but both of us enjoyed it!

During my schooltrip I've understood (more than before) that English is an amazing thing because it gives people the possibility to talk to each other, understand and travel around the world. I'll be a photographer so English is really important for me. I'll travel a lot and so I must improve it!!! Maybe…Why not?!? I'll spend 1 year (or more) abroad in England or Australia to improve it!

I know that going with my Italian school's mates is different because in the group we speak Italian so it isn't so useful. Sincerelly, I miss Italy just a little bit for only one reason: the food! (I'm Italian) but I guess that when I'll go back to Italy I'll miss my freedom and the culture of Bristol.

I wish you every success. Bye!2013-09-26_19.31.55

Second Letter

Dear Ben and Mirium,

Thank you for your letter! I enjoyed it very much! I would like to write you about my time in the UK. I enjoyed being in your class because you are very funny and I learnt a lot of new things!

I think that my most memorable experience here was when we went as a day trip to London because it's a very beautiful city with a lot of interesting things to see and places to shop!

I enjoyed all our lessons, the most beautiful thing for me were the interviews to make a city guide! It was funny! I learnt a lot of new words, and about myself I learnt that I can speak to foreign people and understand them quite well!

I love the UK but I miss Italian food just a little bit and I also miss my parents and friends!

When I'll go back to Italy I'll miss first of all you and then also the freedom that I have got here!

I think English will help me in the future because maybe one day I'll live in the UK or in another foreign country so if I know English it will be easier!

So thank you for all the work you made for us!!

Lots of love, Alessia ūüôā2013-09-26_19.31.29

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