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World Teachers' day at EC Bristol English School!

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Last Friday was World Teachers' day! And to celebrate this special day a tasty lunch and an entertaining night was organised for the academic staff at EC Bristol English school.

The teachers had the opportunity to choose any topic for their lessons (music, movies, history, interactive speaking games and much more) and 15 minutes before the end of the class, the students had the chance to teach vocabulary from their own language, how to do their country's traditional dances, explain their traditional songs and much more. It was a cultural day for both staff and students and was very rewarding.

At lunch time all the members of staff stuffed themselves with a very tasty curry. The staff room was full of joy, excitement, colours and odours.

And in the evening all the members of staff went bowling at the Lanes at which a very competitive game took place. Gina, one of our teachers, came first and Dan, the director of studies, was the runner up.

Not only was the game competitive but also hilarious when Andrew, one of our teachers, launched a ball so high that it crossed onto another lane and then bounced back to the first one.

Everyone had a very fun day!IMG_0366







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