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Angeline Poitout shares her experience in the Work & Business Class

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Angeline Poitout, a French student at EC Bristol, would like to share her experience and more precisely a project she was involved in last month.

wine tasting

My Experience in Work and Business English class – By Angeline Poitout

First of all, I would say that is difficult to summarize all the work we did, because it represents two intensive months, which has permitted us to improve a lot our English, to meet a local professional and locals, and for me, it has definitely helped me to be more confident. All began when Deb, our fab teacher of Work and Business class, who told us about an opportunity to create an idea for a local really well-known professional in Bristol and countryside: Hobbs Hairdresser. The task was to create an idea to increase salon visits on Wednesday which is the quietest day of the week in terms of customers.
I absolutely wanted to work alone to prove to myself that I could do it, which is funny because in general, I prefer to work in a team. Anyway, there were one team of 3, one team of 2 and myself. After almost 2 weeks of preparation, we made an oral presentation in front of Hobbs and his right-arm Ellie. After one week, our teacher announced that he would develop 2 ideas in his salon: The Wine Tasting (Carlos’ idea) and Women’s Wednesday (My idea). After a lot of hard work, both events took place; the 18th of February for the Women’s Wednesday and 21st of February for the Wine Tasting. The achievement of both these incredible experiences: were excellent feedback for the Wine Tasting (organised by Carlos Machado Carjaval, Francesco Pignatelli with the active participation of Roy JuengsooHa, Ray, Muha Saleh, Natalia Gonzalves, Tiba Rasiah, Thies Neuhnaus and Tibor Priam), and the monthly Women’s Wednesday which is now available on the salon.

To conclude, I would to say a huge thanks to our wonderful teacher Deb for this unique opportunity to improve ourselves and to leave with a different and really rich student experience in Bristol.

Thanks to Deb, thanks to EC Bristol, and to the others students, I won’t never forget this fab experience :D!


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