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Cintia Tautz shares her thoughts about an EC Bristol trip!

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Cintia Tautz, our fantastic intern, would like to share her thoughts  about the Oxford trip that EC Bristol organised.


Hi all,
Two weeks ago I joined the school trip to Oxford!
It was amazing. I heard a lot about Oxford before but I didn’t expect to be such a great city!
Luke, our activity leader showed us the most interesting places and after we had some free time to explore the city by ourselves.
I  was stunned by the beautiful architecture. As far as the eye can see historic buildings!
And when we walked through the streets and saw the happy students who were having their graduation, we thought WOW it has to be absolutely wonderful to study in Oxford.
In the end it was a must to buy some souvenirs!
I made new friends and we had an amazing time in Oxford!

Check out the great pictures below.



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