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Cooking with Lisa!

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Sometimes when you are abroad, you would like to try as many things as possible of the new country. So you go and explore! But sometimes you are homesick. And what reminds you most of home? Food!

Take a bite. Close your eyes. And it is as if you were home.

So, let’s write about a Dutch recipe.

My father loves this recipe and he cooks it at least once a fortnight in Autumn and Winter. So, definitely, this will remind me of home. As I already mentioned, this is a recipe mostly cooked during Autumn and Winter’s periods. However, as the weather is not that good these weeks, and a lot of you come from warmer countries, this will warm you up. So I give it a shot!

Hutspot  (Also ideal for people who can’t cook)

You need (for 2 people):

  • 3 Carrots,
  • 2 big potatoes,
  • 1 onion,
  • Gravy
  • Meat (and what it takes to prepare it)

First, you need to peel and cut the potatoes in small pieces. After washing them, clean the carrots and cut them in even smaller pieces. Put them all together in a saucepan with boiling water and place them on the stove.

While you are waiting that the potatoes and carrots are being cooked, cut the onions in small pieces and put them with the potatoes and carrots. Then let everything cook for 20 minutes.

As it is cooking, wonder about what kind of meat you want with it and prepare that. Everything you can find is allowed. As long as you hold on to the simplicity of the recipe. So, choose something that is easy to prepare.
Make homemade gravy while preparing the meat. It’s tastier! If not, use a gravy package to make it.
The serving is more important to make it Dutch.

After that the potatoes, carrots, and onions have cooked for 20 minutes, drain the water. And then get yourself a fork or something else and mash everything till it is all together as one.

Serving time:

Put everything on a plate and do a hole with the gravy spoon on the top of the pile of food and place inside the gravy. Don’t forget to put the meat besides it. It is time to eat!
And for an instant, I’m home on a cold winter evening 🙂


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